Klaudia Kazmierczak, Zeynep Colpan, Yoo-Ri Rajnai Ha, Sanna Atldax, Felicia Järvinen och Sanna Ekelund

Vinjettbilden är ett självporträtt av Klaudia Kazmierczak.

Klaudia Kazmierczak

Zeynep Colpan

Tarmlady: a Self-Portrait

This year I became obsessed with guts: not just their form but what they symbolize for me. A journey to trust my gut and to see reality as is. The intestines are apparent in a lot of my work this year, one of which is my self-portrait. I wanted to experiment with light and dark with complementary colors and have guts coming out of my head, like a modern-day Gut Medusa. My classmates nicknamed me Tarmlady, which felt fitting as a title for this work.

Zeynep Colpan

Yoo-Ri Rajnai Ha

Sanna Atldax

Felicia Järvinen

Sanna Ekelund